Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jesus Music Oldies

For the past week, I've been grooving on Jesus Music Oldies, an Internet radio collection of some of the greatest music of the "Golden Age" of Jesus Music. Some of the best musicians and early songs that fed my soul: Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp, Children of the Day, Love Song, Keith Green, Don Francisco, Daniel Amos (remember Shotgun Angel?), early Second Chapter of Acts, Matthew Ward, Andre Crouch and the Disciples, James Vincent ("Waiting for the Rain"), Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill ("Lung Cancer"), DeGarmo and Key, Janny Grein, Honeytree, and more and more and more.

This is a great find. I could listen to this stuff all day long. If you got saved in the seventies and listened to Christian music, you'll wonder how you ever forgot some of these tasty tunes. The station is produced by Rob Whitehurst, and he has a kickin' collection.

There's a related website at, but it's not very easy to navigate. Rob has a more up-to-date web page on My Space, and I found some great weblinks to the classic bands. (I had no idea that All Saved Freak Band had its own web site. And if you haven't heard My Poor Generation, you've missed some of the best vintage Jesus rock there was.)

To listen, you do have to sign up on Live365 with a username and password, and also tolerate the advertising. It's no more worse than regular radio, and if it annoys you, you can pay a fee of about $50 a year to get the ads removed. I'm taking the free ride right now, and believe me, it's a nice listen.


Blogger Mike said...

This my first day as a blogger and when I posted Randy Stonehill as one of my musical favorites I surprised to find so many that shared that interest.

Thanks for the heads up on the oldies website. I'll be sure and check that out.

I'm kind of making up for lost time since I wasn't born again until late in 2004. I'm a product of the 60's and a Catholic upbringing but I stayed away from religion completely for 35 years.

As for Randy, I knew nothing about him until I came to church one Sunday last September and there he was playing at worship time. There was somebody playing my kind of music with a Christian message. I bought a CD they were selling ("Recollections") and I've since bought another half-dozen.

He is originally from San Jose (where I also grew up) so he is back up near here occasionally and we will have him play again when he comes back.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Marty Phillips said...

do not forget
I have a LOT of old Jesus music on CD if you want to ever borrow any, I mean a ton.

11:35 PM  

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