Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pennsylvania man recognized as God

Paul S. Sewell, a 40-year-old citizen of Reading, Pennsylvania, has legally managed to get his name changed to God. Yes, really.

His driver's license (issued by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation), his credit card, and now his voters' registration card (issued by Berks County Board of Elections) all recognize him by the name, "God." That's how he signs his name when he votes. Guess what? "God" is a Republican. (I've always heard the Republicans hit with that accusation, and now we have empirical proof.)

A news item published by the Associated Press says, "[Berks] County Solicitor Alan S. Miller said Sewell claims his 'God' signature is merely a legal mark like the 'X' used by people who are illiterate." Okay. I believe that Sewell probably did say something like that. But what possible reason is there for the County authorities to accept Sewell's pompous claim? This is self-aggrandizing to the hilt, pure and undiluted. What prevented them from having the common sense to reject this nonsense, especially since "In God We Trust" is our national motto, present on all U.S. currency?

I suspect that for his part, Sewell must like to hear people praying to him---"Oh God, please help me," "God, what's wrong," that sort of thing. I don't doubt but that this country is filled with megalomanics galore ... but why must our legal and political institutions cave in to their pretentiousness? *sigh*

If you find someone who has legally changed their name to Satan, and gotten a credit card, drivers license, and all the rest, send me the link.


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