Friday, November 18, 2005

Anne Rice turns from vampires to Christ

Anne Rice, prolific author of some 25 novels on witches, lust, and vampires (including the more famous Interview with the Vampire), has written a book showing a new direction in her life. On November 1, she released Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt (Knopf), a fictional account of the life of Jesus between the ages of 7 and 12. It has received very positive reviews, and more importantly, it announces Rice's abandonment of the vampire/blood/death narratives which comprised much of her career.

Though Anne Rice, 64, says she has "no regrets" about writing her last vampire novel in 2003, she now says "I wanted to write only for Jesus Christ," and intends her new book to be part of a series. In fact, she says, "I feel Christ the Lord is the finest book I've ever written, and it represents the culmination of a long personal journey..."

The turning point for her came in 1998, according to some interviews. Rice also includes a lengthy "Author's Note" in the back of Christ the Lord, explaining some details about her new perspective. Answering common questions on her website, Rice explains that though she is now Roman Catholic, she believes the Catholic church and other churches "need to open their arms and their doors to gay believers."

I'm grateful to God for the growth in Rice's life, and how she seems to have made a remarkable conversion toward the Lord Jesus. We will have to differ on the matter of homosexuals in this respect: the good father of the Prodigal Son did open his arms to the returning young man, who had squandered his fortune with wild living. The text of Scripture says the son "came to his senses," which presumably includes realizing the damaging results of living in lust and sensuality.

Christans should pray for Anne, and though some of us can think of various ways in which she "ought" to grow or think, we should all be grateful for the profound shift toward God that has occurred in her life, and for the opportunity this will give to many people to consider the life and work of Jesus Christ in a new way.


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